Athletics SA Club Management
I declare that I am a bona fide athlete/coach/technical official. I confirm that all the information provided on this application is true and correct.
I subject myself to the rules and regulations of Athletics South Africa and the WA, and I undertake not to compete in any athletics event which is not sanctioned by the provincial athletics body and ASA.
I indemnify ASA, the provincial body, sponsors and organisers of any event against all and any action of whatever nature which may arise out of my participation and I agree that it is my responsibility to be medically fit to compete in any event.
I agree that Athletics SA and any event organisers may utilise any image taken of me during an event in which I participate to record and/or promote that event or any similar event. This does not include permitting the image to be utilised for commercial purposes or in association with any brand or trade name, other than that of the event itself, without my express consent.